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Trust it!

As wedding photographers and filmmakers we get to witness days and nights full of fun and evenings full of grandeur! For us work is fun, and we love to give you the best moments of your life while enjoying them with you, and in this wedding, boy! did we have fun! We didn't realise how these two days went by. Super energetic performances, humour, loads of dancing, games and surreal moments! We just couldn't stop smiling while looking at our camera screens! Don't believe us? Scroll down!

The Sangeet was a blast of energy, dances and love!

Siddhant & Arushi looked stunning!

These two were naturals when it came to photos! The chemistry was such a delight.

It soon turned into a rave where everyone danced their hearts out!

Alcohol + Love = Great Pictures always!

The Energy had age no bar, clearly!

The Phoolon ki Haldi was one crazy event to experience!

Full of fun filled activities and flower showers! Our faces and clothes were covered with flowers but who is complaining?

The enthu was next level and the energy didn't drop for a sec throughout!

Remember we told you about surreal frames!

Arushi's bridal photos were effortless! It was all done in 20 mins, no posing!

So much love! So much grace!

One of our absolute favs from this wedding!

When we take bridal shots we focus more on the natural element of the bride! You should be able to relate to yourself 10 years later when you look back at these golden moments !

The bridal entry was a sight in itself! Arushi's brother Abhishek walked with her!

It was clearly on of the most beautiful entries we ever saw!

The Varmala was a feast to our cameras! But more than the grandeur, lighting or decor! it was the warmth! The love!

It felt like time has stopped!

We just loved shooting these! Love love loooovee!

We had so so so much fun creating memories for Arushi and Siddhant! Grateful and Thankful!

Getting married soon? Want your wedding photos and film to look like this? Send us your story at : or Just ENQUIRE Love The Wedding Matinee


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