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Manifest it.

When we take audios from our bride's we get to hear so many stories full of ups and downs! Love! Commitment and things that eventually lead up to the wedding day!

Aashini & Ram met in Boston College,2012. Little did they know that a dance lesson by Aashini to Ram will bring them this far. Ram was someone who had never danced! but post the South Asian festival in their college,Ram returned as a choreographer and they did the same dance for their reception at Waldorf,Palm Jumeirah.

They planned their wedding at their home in Dubai! and we think it was just the right decision because getting married at home is always such a warm feeling.

Aashini's portraits were effortless as she was smiling ear to ear!

Some timeless family portraits!

If you live with your Pet this picture would mean everything to you!

Wedding Pictures should be about this! The emotion, the things going on, the love, the feeling of leaving your pet!

Ram arrives in a tricycle!

The Baraat was a crazy amalgamation of cultures!

It was all bright and happy as Ram entered was welcomed by Aashini's parents !

The level of enthusiasm was just next level!

Aashini's dad hugged Ram and both of them then moved to the Pheras area!

Aashini stepping down for the pheras.

It was an emotional moment for a lot of people as they saw her walking towards the altar!

The varmala was a super fun ceremony to witness!

All smiles!

The pheras was beautiful ceremony to witness! The ambient music of Sitar, constant flower shower, pandit ji jokes and a lot more!

PanditJI was actually good at it!

Hugs and more hugs!

The warmth was evident!

Love and tears!

Our favourite photo of the lot!

Both of them are goofballs! When put together in a frame they light it up!


It was a crazy evening for all of us! After being part of the warm and happy wedding we were more than excited for the crazy dance and high energy party that was yet to unfold.

The entry was bang on, Aashini and Ram's energy was overpowering!

There was a lot of dance and clearly everyone had a blast!

The dance that we told you about in the start of this blog! :)

The vibe was unmatched!

How to make use of smoke 101!

This was just a teaser! The after party inside was maddening and heart thumping to say the least!

Everyone was just looking at the stage! The Hype was real!

Sukhbir was in the house! Everytime we have seen him perform, this energy has no match!

The start was just mind blowing and we thought the energy will slowly fade! But boy were we wrong!

It just increased exponentially! We were shooting and dancing at the same time!

At 52 years we want to know what he's eating!

Even Non-Indians were dancing to Indian beats!

Sukhbir in his element!

The party went on till 4 am and it went mad - madder - maddest!

Last party before we wind up!

These were 2 mad mad mad days where we danced ,laughed and enjoyed every moment! The messages we received from Aashini and Ram were beyond heartwarming! We hope our paths cross again soon! Truly grateful to Wedding Photography for such moments and such people!

Getting married soon? Want your wedding photos and film to look like this? Send us your story at : or Just ENQUIRE .


The Wedding Matinee!


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