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Destination Wedding in the hills / Ankur x Neetika / Shimla

Who's that person who you can find in the crowd and feel peace?

Neetika and Ankur met in Shimla! and fell in love! When both of them met us, we were in for a mix of traditional touch of Himanchal and breathtaking views with the best of their moments in the foreground! We truly can't explain what we felt there! It was one of the most warm experiences, despite the freezing cold in the month of February!

At The Wedding Matinee we take Wedding Photography and Films very seriously and even more so how we feel! We feel the best when we are surrounded by Lovers,Moments and happy people!

We started with their couple shoot in which we had to show Shimla and its charm, as a part of their story as thats where their love bloomed!

All of it was effortless! The chemistry was natural!

Shimla truly has the best of light!

The Haldi was a mix of Traditional Himanchali dances and smashing haldi on faces!

We clearly had a lot of fun !

Everyone was just in the moment and happy! As wedding photographers we are always looking for moments like these !

Neetika as a bride looked nothing short of a dream!

The beautiful pre-sunset light of Shimla added to the magic!

Some timeless family portraits.

The Bridal entry was lit by orange hues of the sunset and Neetika was just living the moment as she could see Ankur Waiting for her for the Varmala!

Done and Dusted! It was a beautiful moment to witness for all of us!

Their wedding film will give you goosebumps and will leave you with a warm feeling!

Getting married soon? Want your wedding photos and film to look like this? Send us your story at : or Just ENQUIRE .


The Wedding Matinee


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