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Love & a little wine!

Karan & Manik met us through a reference of a friend! Our energy matched and we were all in for the blurry cocktail nights, unlimited dhol and beautiful sun lit Anand Karaj. But boy did we think it will be this prettaaaaay? NO! We had no idea.

The MAGIC of Wedding Photography is in the smiles of our clients when they receive their photos and films! We try to make you feel little of it in this blog!

The cocktail evening started by these two cuties slaying it in front of the camera!

The lighting, reflections, mood everything was on point!

The entry for the engagement was a VIBE in itself!

They were shining brighter than the fireworks and we were smiling ear to ear!

All of this happened in a split second! But for us it was in SLOWMOTION!

The meet and greets were the sweetest part!

Can't get enough of this moment!

As we thought we have witnessed the best moments for that evening! it just got better.

& Better!

Trust us when we say we were not ready for the WINE TO KICK IN. The energy just blasted through the roof!

Performance after performance! It kept getting better.

Everyone was purely enjoying the event! Every single bit of it!

Stop smiling you! We felt exactly same while we were shooting this! Damn.

Purely engrossed in the moment!

Blame it on the wine! But did we have fun without even drinking ? ABSOLUTELY.

Next Day : 7 AM

It was probably one of the most intimate and sweetest chooda ceremony we have been in!

When it comes to bridal shots! We don't over do things. We love keeping it minimal and expressive.

We love love loveee these photos of Manik getting ready!

And trust us you are not ready for the photos you are about to see! We weren't.

Meanwhile, Karan getting all ready for the Baraat!

Can someone tell us how to dance with full energy after a long cocktail night? Asking for a friend.

The mandatory group picture where at least 1 person could never time it.

Casual Jokes about the amount estimation for shoe exchange.

At least 1, we tell you.

I mean we love day shots! But this! This has its own signature style.

Manik getting ready for the entry!

It keeps getting better!

Meanwhile, boys being boys.

As Manik entered, Karan came down and they decided to walk the aisle together!

This Moment! The lighting, the emotions! LOVEEEEE

Like we said! It keeps getting better!

Important discussions (Read Gossips) before the Varmala!


We suggest you to pause and just enjoy this moment! And if you are getting marred! We are an email away!

TIme for our fav SUN LIT shots!

So effortless! Yet so mesmerising,

Time for the cutest guest - MAX!

The Anand Karaj was breathtaking, moment after moment!

We feel we can't post these enough! Moments of love, laughter and so much more!

You can't copy here for sure!

The colours! The light! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Fav moments!

Pictures like these are timeless!

This was truly one wedding where how much ever we shot! We weren't getting enough of it!

The details! The moments!

As wedding photographers we value moments and photos the most! The photos you get are much much more than just Instagram posts! Karan and Manik's wedding was like a short fable and we rejoiced every bit of it!

We hope our paths cross again soon! Truly grateful to Wedding Photography for such moments and such people!

Getting married soon? Want your wedding photos and film to look like this? Send us your story at : or Just ENQUIRE .


The Wedding Matinee!


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