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Some times stories just happen after you meet! After we had an amazing time shooting their prewedding in the hills it was almost time for the wedding festivities to begin and we were off to Jaypee Palace Agra! The following two days were full of happy moments, laughter, teary eyes, adrenaline rush ( read bridal entry and var mala), beautiful motifs and ever lasting memories!

Destination weddings are full of chances where our cameras just cant stop. Sangeet is one of our favs!

So many moments! Full of dance performances, moments and bolly wood feels!

The Night went on till 4 am with live singers and afterparty! WE LOVED every bit of it.

True test of a wedding photographer is when we have to take out moments between the FASSST movements of haldi smearing hands - dodging and also making sure we don't get the Haldi on our cameras and us! Phew!

You have to be really fast! Thanks to our Sony a7s and the 24mm 1.4 Gmaster. What a beauty!

The bride - Vithika! When we shoot our brides we make sure we make it a perfect blend of art, elegance and all the feels! When you look back at these photos after 5 years you'd skip a beat!

The Varmala was no less than a dream!

The wedding decor was right on point with the mirror work motifs and the shades were on point!

We can't just forget this shot! Right on the feels and oh the loveee!!

All of these shots ae courtesy 50mm 1.2G master Sony! What a lens.

These! moments like these is what we live for! True Happiness!

Like we said! the mix of moments is what makes it beautiful!


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