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Sometimes its just fate!

Who could have thought that a college trip to Singapore will make Nishchay and Shraiya fall for each other and how! Fast forward to 2022 and they call us to be a part of their wedding day!

The brief was pretty simple! Moments, moments and moments! We loved their energy over the call and planned our calendars for Jaipur! Probably the most visited wedding destination.

Oh and you bet! we had a blast shooting with them! The vibe, the energy and the love was just a perfect end to 2022.

It was a chilly December and thank fully the Haldi was planned outdoors in the Sun!

The initial first hours with most of the clients we work with go in explaining them how to pose and how not to be camera shy! These two were just perfect for the camera and even the first 100 photos were the best ones! The Vibe is just there.

Like we said! The VIBE!

Soon the Haldi turned into a flower shower where even our eye lashes were covered with petals! but a lot of adrenaline rush later we are pretty happy with what we got! The madness is just there.

Little did we know that the Haldi madness was just a teaser to the following evening. The madness was just about to begin!

There were no sangeet performances and hence it was full of happy people dancing their heart out and making the most of Jager-bombs.

Clearly not drunk!

The Anand Karaj was almost like a bright dream!

Hues of green and pink! Perfect light and chemistry! I mean.

Family Portriats for the win!

Thanks to the Pampas and the sunlight! We could pull off a couple session between the endless group shots and you could see we did a good job!

All we can say is! We live for stories like these. We had a great great time in creating moments for them which they will cherish in years to come! Love.


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