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Palace Wedding in Agra // Aastha x Yatin // Laxmi Vilas Palace

Oh! how we love the classics, love stories that define forevers. The teenage sweethearts, the perfect romance and a fairytale palace wedding.

We were in awe of the love and joy that took place in this destination wedding. Aastha and Yatin make us believe in the love that we all aspire to have. A romance that buds in the teenage years and only grows. This wedding was a witness to years of love, everything was dreamy. From the bustling mehendi ceremony with all the Punjabi energy to the fun colorful haldi to the wedding with a lit-up palace in the background with fireworks and flowers this love-story had it all. And what a delight it was to be a part of love like this!

Our love for palace weddings have been evident but this one had both the grandeur and intimacy to it. The smiles that made every pictures mesmerizing. The perfect story of Aastha and Yatin had the celebration it deserved, all the love, laughter and colors made every second of this experience worth the while.


The wedding kicked-off with an eventful mehendi, the energy that we experienced here was contagious. Punjabi style entry with dhols, color-bombs and the happy dancing couple.

We captured the essence of the palace and the love that these two shared with portraits in perfect lighting. These two were naturals when it came to pictures and we loved creating memories that would last a lifetime. The fun evening concluded with games and a hell lot dancing.


The haldi ceremony started with stylish enteries, and it was madness from there on.

The perfect balance of fun and emotions, oh man! do we love raw moments like these. The once that you might miss at the moment but when it is captured in photographs it is priceless.

The pictures are a proof of the fun that these guys had and so did we.

Haldi, water, alcohol lets just say they made use of everything possible, and we made the most of these moments.

Favours were returned.

The smile !

It is the unsaid rule, if you plan a poolside haldi the groom goes in the pool too. The colors, the energy and the winter sun made our day 2.

Looks like a fun group didn't we tell you? Absolutely contagious energy.


Yatin has the most genuine smile.

As Aastha got ready for her big day, the royal setting of the place only got brighter and better.

The bridal portraits are nothing less than dreamy and so was our bride.

We absolutely loved this portrait session with Aastha.

These two shots were taken few minutes apart, while Yatin's baaraat was making an entry with fireworks we captured this beautiful portrait of Aastha, who also caught a glimpse of the baaraat before this shot.

It was the perfect Varmala, palace the in background all lit-up and these two basking in the glory of this moment.

You can see the happiness in there faces!

More laughter and even more love, we had the most fun shooting these couple portraits.

Neither the late-night nor the cold could keep the laughter away. It was a fun-filled pheras.

It was an action-packed experience with so many emotions and laughter. We loved being a part of a story like this, two people absolutely in love and the fairytale celebration of their union. We live for stories like these.

See there wedding film here


The Wedding Matinee


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