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“It’s amazing how one day someone walks into your life, and suddenly, you can’t remember how you lived without them.”

In some weddings the days pass like minutes! We witness something so beautiful that its almost like time just dissolves! Srishti and Animesh was one such celebration. INSANE fun, Setups straight out of dreams, Old School kinda love & moments that will make you smile ear to ear!

We can't forget how tired were we when we landed in ranchi, followed by a 1 hour drive to the wedding venue but as we met Animesh - The Groom and the family, the warmth took our tiredness away.

The HALDI was a mad mad carnival. Insane amounts of DHOL, bollywood steps, dance and lots of hugs!

The setup was so pictureesque we couldn't stop ourselves from creating some pin worthy shots.

The JOY and how everyone was so happy with this union was evident in the photos!

Moments, moments and moments.

The moments were happening so fast that we almost had an adrenaline rush while shooting! No complaints.

And the mandatory group photos!


It started with Bridal getting ready photos of Srishti and Groom Getting ready shots of Animesh!

It's very rare that we get time to do the couple shoot before the wedding happens! Sristhi and Animesh were very keen on doing it and made it a point to do the shoot even before the varmala.

Animesh, patiently waiting for Srishti.

Truly it was one of the most beautiful and well planned varmala we had ever seen! The moment just gave us goosebumps.

Call us lucky but we managed to shoot the couple just after var mala and it turned out like a dream!

We were just going wow over the photos! We think this is why choosing the right wedding photographer who aligns with your taste is so important because these images will last a lifetime! Its like you time travel everytime you see them.

Like we said! GooseBumps.

We just loved being there for three days and we feel grateful to have witnessed such stories!

Watch their wedding film here :

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The Wedding Matinee


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