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It's meant to be.

The wedding season is almost here and anxiety for brides is through the roof! So many decisions to take and you have to be 100 percent right! Okay let's start by breathing. Deep Inhale, Deep Exhale!

Let's face it, assuming you are someone who doesn't settle for less than the best, there are millions of options to choose from, be it wedding planners, decor artists, caterers and so on!

But we are here to help you in one of the most important decisions for your wedding day - The Photography and FIlm team! (Imagine Confetti).

Photographs are like deserts; you cannot stop once you open the box. - Deepika Padukone.

Will you agree if we tell you, this is what that remains! Like in all honesty if there's something that you can hold on to be it the grandeur, the moments, the efforts behind the perfect outfit, the groom tears(rare), the fireworks etc, it's the photos and videos! On your wedding day, it gets even more important because you want to cherish and treasure that moment forever. You want yourself to reminisce the vows, the promises, the emotions when you are 50 years old scrolling through your wedding memories.

Some of you wish to have an app like tinder where you can just right swipe your fav photographer! But, what's worth doesn't come easy. (JK). By the end of this article you will have practical points on How to choose and finalise your wedding photographer! Let's go step by step, shall we!

1.Create a mood-board or an Inspiration deck.

It could be endless numbers of Pinterest saves or just a deck of photos you RELATE to as a couple or bride, something you would love to have for you on your wedding day! The most important part of this step is to be realistic and get inspirations out of weddings similar to yours! For eg; if you are planning a beach wedding in the month of September, don't include mountain wedding photos taken in December! This will set the expectations just right and makes sure you and the Photography team will be happy! But of course some shots can be taken anywhere and that's where a good-understanding photographer comes into picture.

2. References are good! BUT.

  • Ask your recently married friends whose wedding photos you loved or consider taking advice from your wedding planner, but make sure your taste and the Photography team's work aligns!

  • Do your homework and look out for the photography styles you want on your wedding day. Do you like a more vintage look or quirky shooting style? Or maybe you are a stunning poser and can create editorial like photos? Ask yourself such questions.

3. Budgeting.

The most common mistake you can do is to assume the costs! If your parents are taking this decision make them aware about the current trends and pricing. The best way to go about this is to first do a research of pricing by speaking to at least 5 teams that align with your creative style. The average of it is generally a good range you can set your budget around. We as photographers get this a lot when a prospect client books some other team who was quoting 40 percent less than us and later they don't get the service they deserve! It's your D DAY! For example a Good team with credible work and service would start their pricing somewhere around 3-4Lacs and it could go upto 15Lacs.

4. How to assess the work of the Photography Team?

Don't just look at the Instagram grid and decide forward! We suggest you to go through the final delivered folders or links! It's a win win if you could see video testimonials! In the body of work, have a look at the weightage of different types of photos such as Candids, Family Shots, Bridal Portraits etc. Apart from the gram worthy content, the body of work should consist of time less moments.

For videos you should go through at least 5 types of wedding done by the team, try to understand their process of documenting and editing. What's their style? Why have they treated a video a particular way, more importantly if you are enjoying or getting emotional watching someone's wedding film! That's a green flag.

5. There's nothing new.

The fact is the deliverables are going to be the same! There's nothing new. Photos, Films and Prints! Unless AI becomes super powerful and we could hire robots, we think it's going to be like this. This is why! YOU BANK ON THE TEAM. The team is what you invest on! If you VIBE with the team you are 90 percent right! The creative background, intention and experience of the team is truly one thing that creates magic.

6. Offers are good, but!

Without a doubt you are going to get a number of offers! Be it increasing the number of photos, videos or prints! Or maybe just adding to the team size or just one goodie. However, a GREAT team doesn't need to lower the price or make it look attractive because they know their work and where they stand.

Cheap isn't always good! Never ask any team to lower the number of suggested team members by them just for cost, a good estimate is like having a 6 people team for a gathering of 600-700 People!

7. Team size and..

We will be very honest here, you don't need 10 people to shoot your intimate events. A team size of 5-8 for a wedding size of 200-1000 is good enough! Try not to book two or more teams for your wedding, it will result in clutter! Sure, you can hire a separate team for photos and videos respectively but don't do this for cost efficiency only! Every one has a different style of work.


The solution to great outcomes! & make space for open communication since DAY 1. Don't assume anything and if you feel dicey it's better to let your Photographer know. Get and give everything in document / email or a contract! You don't miss payments, the photographer doesn't miss timelines. Make this clear.

9. Point of contact!

Most of the times parents or brothers and even distant relatives are the starting POC for the Photographer! To be honest it feels very blur for us as creatives when we don't know the couple! If this is the case with you try to connect with your team and discuss things before wedding!

It's your wedding day! The intimate moments should be shot by someone who feels like a friend! Trust us it helps.

Your wedding day is for sure one of the most important days of your life! & We feel you deserve the best and nothing less!

So just use these tips and enjoy every moment of your BIG DAY, your Photography team will handle the rest!

Be ready to laugh and cry after you receive the photos and films!

We wish you the best for your wedding day! We hope this article helps you in making the right decision.

Thank you,


The Wedding Matinee

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