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Jaipur & Kishangarh

We all love Couple Shots which look straight from a VOGUE magazine or from a Pinterest Board! When Yatin and Aastha shared with us the idea of pictures they had in mind for their Prewedding photoshoot, we could not think of a place other than Jaipur!

We never do those EXTRA pre-wedding photoshoots where the chemistry of the couple takes a back seat and fashion and style takes over! We love to experiment with the vibe but keeping LOVE as the main element!

After the mood-boards were exchanged, the challenge was TIME! We had to Pull off the travel from Delhi to Jaipur to Kishangarh to Delhi in less than 48 hours! But when our Jobs are fueled by the passion of creating images that cherish your love, it just seems so easy! Hence, chasing the sunrise we shot our first set in Nahargarh, Jaipur!

It was pretty easy with these cuties as the chemistry was just perfect for the cameras and in no time they were posing as if they were doing this for years! After the warmup (Pun Intended) in Jaipur and a small break we had to now literally chase the sunset 2 hours away from Jaipur! THE WHITE LANDSCAPE - Kishangarh!

DREAMY! Right? Well all of this is shot in less than 30 minutes as you know TIME! Lots of heartbeats and running involved!

It gets better! The sunset light *Drools* was as perfect as it could get and our shutters were just not stopping! The Chemistry was getting better and better! We just had a perfect shoot day!

We used all the time we had and pulled of 2 other outfit changes! Things we do for LOVE!

Thank you Yatin & Aastha for trusting us! We had a ball curating this Prewedding for you!


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