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10 years later when you'll look back, these pictures will be your return tickets for time travel.

When Angad & Jasleen spoke to us about their Pre-wedding- They told us 3 things; They are SNEAKER-HEADS, They love to have fun & they want good looking pictures. We vibed almost instantly and directly met at the pre-wedding shoot in The Barn, Chattarpur.

So, we would say finding the right photographer is winning 80 percent of the battle! How do you find the right photographer? Talk to them and tell them your energy, tell them how you genuinely want YOUR pictures to be. A very important thing to look out for is that your photographer should be authentic in creating, they shouldn't just copy paste what's on Pinterest. The entire idea of a couple shoot is to have the best of your memories together as a couple! You should be able to relate to these pictures 10 years down the line!

Location is the next important decision! Decide a place you will love to be in. Are you a mountain person? Do you love beaches? Or may be rustic vibe like Jaipur! You will truly feel yourself if you are in a place you genuinely connect to! You as a couple have to list down a few options and share it with your photographer and they can suggest you the best! It's better to shoot in a place with good light and less crowds! And please check the weather forecast.

As we stepped into The Barn! We were sure about the kick-ass pictures that were about to happen in the next 6 hours.

Jasleen &. Angad were exactly like they told us. Full of FUN, they were sneakerheads to their core, for instance, Angad didn't step on wet grass for a shot because it might have spoilt his Jordans.

The lighting was just as we needed! The fun part is it took us almost no time to gel with them and there were no awkward poses or moments even during the first 30 mins of the shoot! Here comes the next important point! Communication!

Your Photographer should be some-one who you can vibe with, talk-to and could match your energy! It seems like a lot of criteria but it's IMPORTANT! At The Wedding Matinee, we are always full of energy! We love what we do and we are a big believer of Energy!

Just be your-self and if you have the right photographer the rest will flow!

Like we said! HAVE FUN!

None of this is posed! We suggest you to not worry about how the poses are going to be! It feel nervous to be in front of the camera! But trust us when we say, none of this is posed.

The Delhi sun doing its job! Absolutely love the Vibe at The Barn!

Another important point is - Outfits! Ditch the heavy traditional ones and go for what you really feel like yourself in! Do you wear a sherwani or a heavy embroidered outfit everyday? No right! (We hope so). Get your fav hoodies or T shirts and feel comfortable! You feel more confident in outfits you love! Also the colours should go with the location and your best guide is your photographer again, Unless you are a stylist!

We are very particular about the details and hence we suggest and discuss a lot about the colour palette and outfits. The devil is in the details!

As the sun set, Jasleen had no idea about the proposal. Angad had secretly planned the whole thing and we knew as we had to co-ordinate the timing, lights etc! We are all enthu for surprises and feelings.

Before the proposal we did a shoot, as we love the light play! Both of them were perfect Muses for us!

The ambience set by Barn for the proposal is something they do very well !

Clearly! It was a great surprise and everything went smoothly !

Just LOOOOOOOOOOVE the shots we created here.

Being in the moment!

We love experimenting with whatever we have! And this brings us to the final part : VERSATILITY.

The team you choose should be experimental and enthu about trying new thing. A photographer should be like water! They shouldn't be stiff about their creative choices.


And that's how they met their pre-wedding photographer! & So can you! We hope we helped you through the important decisions through our perspective of over 10 years! If you love our work and want us to be there for your big day! Just ENQUIRE.

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