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Some stories just happen! Its like the universe conspires to make you meet, no matter how far you live.

With a 'how-is-that-possible' story of they met and eventually deciding to get married at Gajner Palace, Bikaner! This was one wedding where we were going wow over the moments, again and again!

We have done so many ; oh so many destination weddings but somehow Palace weddings have their own charm! It's almost like time travelling!

When Vitor & Nikita shared their idea of the wedding and the offbeat elements we were already smiling. They were pretty happy with our work and they themselves being into documentation, they could understand the work way better. The fact that it was a Portuguese-Indian wedding was giving us so much dopamine as we love stories ! But we were quite NOT ready for it!

The mehendi was straight out of dreams! With the boho elements and flowy drapes, at the side of the lake under the tree! It was a Pinterest board in real life !

It was a fusion of love, emotions and lots of Hugs!


The haldi being very unpredictable like always!

More emotions! More Hugs!

The Flower Shower Money shot!

Our Fav shot from this Haldi! So dreamy! Isn't it?

The evening was grand and all about dance partying and drunk kisses!

The palace glow and Torani ensemble is just something we couldn't take our eyes off from!

Calling in some mood shots! What a vibe!

Next day we were all set for the engagement which was to be held in the desert!

The Groom's men!

Vitor chose to ride all the way to the desert camp!

We chased the sunset and managed to shoot some crazy stills.

Look at the SKY!

Emotions! More Emotions!


We are falling short of words!

The Pheras were beautiful! and everything was so perfect.

As they concluded, Vitor and Nikita sent few lanterns to the sky! Trust us no photos can do justice to what we witnessed!

It was three days of FUN, LOVE, HUGS, TEARS & HUGS! We loved being there as a part of this union! Thank you Vitor Nikita for having us! Love! The Wedding Matinee!

See their wedding film here.

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