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Weaving a story and embedding a souvenir is only possible when there is someone to capture the preciousness of each moment. The splendor, the sentiment, the significance;

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The Wedding Matinee is a place where your dreams meet ours. Through our art, we are able to connect with you and hear your story. The story of your deep, wild love and of the life you’ve created together; that reveals and honors your emotional connection which is fierce and alive. We envision immortalizing your moments so that when you revisit them years down the lane, our photographs transmits you to the ceremonies of your special day.

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About Us

A wedding is not just centered around expectations, it is a union of love and gratitude, it is a story of the journey that brought you together and of the adventure you are about to leap in with your entire heart and we cannot wait to leap with you!



Deciding on our "wedding photographer" was prime to us and we couldn't be happier that we found "The Wedding Matinee". They are really friendly, extremely talented, always smiling and quite accommodating as well!

They did a fabulous job during our 3 day wedding. being available throughout. They managed to capture the colors, warmth, expression, rituals, smiles and most importantly, the madness so beautifully. We love love love the pictures captured and everyone who has seen them has praised their wok.

I would highly recommend them to everyone and wish them all the best for the future and hope we cross paths again.


- Vaibhav & Sakshi

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